The Fountain of Fitness Knowledge!

It really does exist, have a sip!

29 August 1976
Welcome to the Fountain of Fitness Knowledge!

According to tanglesout, I am a fountain of fitness knowledge, and I'm out to prove her right, because I love knowing EVERYTHING! hehe

This is my Weight Loss Journal. Since I'm normally all peachy for everyone else, I realized that since this journal is all about me and all for me that in here, I'm all peachy for me!

My name is Hilary and I'm a 30 year old mommy of three (ages 9, 7, and 6). This LJ is incredibly personal (for obvious reasons) and is Friends Only. Never fear, being friended by me is easy - just leave me a comment somewhere letting me know you're adding me! :)

What sorts of things will you find in this journal?

  • Daily update complete with motivational quotes, goal tracking, and random thoughts concerning my journey. I encourage everyone to join in on the question posed each day (or you can join road2fit and comment there - the format is the same!).

  • Links to various online tools and resources, as well as my own thoughts on special topics, such as why we need protein and the importance of stretching. I'm always interested in learning new things!

  • Workout reviews on various exercise videos.

  • Loads of support from me to you (if you're on your own weight loss journey!).

  • Enthusiasm!

  • Just as a note, I post *a lot*. If you get tired of seeing several posts from the same person, I'm not the friend you want lol!

Milestone 1: 218 Pounds! March 17, 2007!
Milestone 2: 199 Pounds! April 30, 2008!
Milestone 3: 189 Pounds

Long Term Goal:

Walking Goals

April Walking Goal:

I have walked 2 miles -- 4% of my goal of 50 miles!!